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Diggy news!

2016-07-10 03:22:18 by Vogd3

Hi everybody! Do you remember my game Diggy?

No it is available on Facebook! Please test it!



New Game Mr.Timan!

2016-06-24 19:02:48 by Vogd3

Hi There!

New game was just uploaded for you my dear pies!

Mr.Timan and Monster!


Play as Mr.Timan - a new employee in Time Company. All what you need is press red button. But may be this was not a good idea.
Physics platformer with time-portals. One place - two times and different level geometry. Enjoy!

The game was made in a week for Game Contest - March 2016. (Graphics was improved later)








New Game Avalancher!

2016-03-02 20:12:47 by Vogd3

Hi There!

We made a new game, and it rocks!

Splice and explode buildings, collect gold and gems with your old friend - Diggy.


And don't forgive to give it five!

More fives - more games!


New Game Teleport Gun!!!

2016-01-07 19:25:50 by Vogd3

Hi there!

My new game is ready, please play it!


A story about a raccoon and his weapon teleportation can also change the gravity. You must help him overcome 30 levels and get 15 achievements! You can use the weapon to teleport your hero can move to a new point and change gravity, get the stars and take it to the exit! It seems easy right? Have fun!


BTW it was not easy to make it, hope you will like my work!

Thanks, Dmitriy